Introduzione-BALENTES Villages as Agents of Change & Sustainable Communities of Europe

Introduzione-BALENTES Villages as  Agents of Change & Sustainable Communities of Europe

Why Balentes?


Balentes brings together  villages and communities engaged in a common project aimed at ensuring the well being and happiness of their inhabitants, through the coherence and sustainability of all policies and actions defined, shared and implemented in their territories.

Balentes is an European "Club" of local authorities that set their own rules and commit themselves to define, share and implement agreed political, planning and project choices that, together, will promote and defend in all appropriate contexts, from regional to European and international.

Balentes privileges smaller and isolated local authorities who face particularly troubling problems such as: unemployment, depopulation, youth deviation and school dropout, imposition of servitude and environmental degradation, increase in social inequality, loss of local identity, reduction of sovereignty (including the energetic one) and the autonomy of local economies.....

By looking forward and establishing a new political and programmatic approach,  Balentes, starting from the most fragile territorial realities, builds the tools needed to meet the difficult challenges that today, on the threshold of the 4th Industrial Revolution, our villages and communities have to confront.

Balentes addresses the issues of depopulation, unemployment, speculation and pollution, by aiming to improve the living and working conditions in our territories, through solidarity, cohesion, good governance, efficiency and transparency of the administration and by a commitment to fight corruption.
Balentes aims at building new relationships between the Center and the Periphery, at Inter-culturality, at Equal Opportunities, Social Infrastructures and at the involvement of schools, universities and the world of culture.

Balentes means protection, enhancement and good use of  the resources of our territories and of our material and non-material heritage.

Balentes is education, respect and collaboration, decisive elements for the creation of an intelligent, sustainable and inclusive Society, as  set out in the Europe 2020 Strategy and the objectives of the Global Agenda for sustainable development of the United Nations.

Balentes is addressed to municipalities (including their associations and consortia) of any size and belonging to different regions of Europe.

European Regions that wish to contribute to the cause of the small villages of Europe are welcome!

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